Do I Need to Complete a Noise Impact Assessment? 

In South Africa, operators of most existing and planned industrial facilities are required to accommodate laws associated with environmental noise. A key component of the regulations is the requirement to complete an environmental noise impact assessment. The need for specialist noise assessments together with the associated reporting requirements are described within National Government Gazette 43110. In accordance with the regulations, the sensitivity of the site must first be established, and thereafter, a noise specialist assessment or a noise compliance statement, must be submitted to the relevant authorities.

Non-conformance with this requirement can lead to community health impacts, fines, suspension of site activities and potentially significant reputational impacts.

WKC Group’s noise team has developed a self–help guide to interactively support facility operators, environmental assessment practitioners and noise specialists to determine the type of noise assessment that may be required.

Should you require any assistance with the self-help guide, please feel free to contact or noise specialists: Ashley Meyer ( or Ian Goble (

Do I require a Noise Impact Assessment (NIA)?
Are you a registered Environmental Assessment Practitioner (EAP)?

Establish sensitivity of the site to potential noise impacts using the National Web Based Environmental Screening Tool developed by the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA). Screening Tool

Has a Site Sensitivity Verification Report been prepared?
What was the environmental sensitivity classification as per the Site Sensitivity Verification Report?
Is your Project a linear activity (pipeline / powerline etc) for which noise impacts are limited to the Construction Phase (e.g. after construction, noise levels return to current levels)?

Contact Noise Specialist to prepare Department of Environmental Affairs Web Based Screening, Site Verification Survey and Site Verification Report.

NOISE SPECIALIST ASSESSMENT MUST be prepared by qualified Noise Impact Assessment Practitioner. Click here for NOISE SPECIALIST ASSESSMENT CHECKLIST to assist with your submission

NOISE COMPLIANCE STATEMENT MUST be prepared by qualified Noise Impact Assessment Practitioner. Click here for NOISE COMPLIANCE STATEMENT CHECKLIST to assist with your submission


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