Air Quality Services 

Whether it’s from the effects of urban or industrial air pollutionacid rain, bad indoor air quality, increased UV radiation or changing climatic conditions, we are all impacted in some way. WKC Group has assisted private sector and governmental clients around the world with their air quality and climate change challenges. 

According to the World Health Orginisation ambient (outdoor) air pollution in both rural areas and cities was estimated to cause 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide per year in 2016. 

Our services range from designing bespoke pollution monitoring programmes, using advanced software to simulate the dispersion of local and regional industrial air pollution, permitting and licensing, to developing detailed air quality management plans and strategies. 

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  • Baseline Air Quality Survey Design and Implementation 
  • Stack Testing 
  • Air Dispersion Modelling (AERMOD/ CALPUFF) 
  • Atmospheric Emission Licensing and Reporting 
  • Green house Gas Inventories and Carbon Advisory Services 
  • Best Available Techniques Assessment 
  • Air Quality Training 
  • Air Quality Impact Assessments 
  • Expert Witness / Technical Reviews 

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Marc Blanché

Air Quality Specialist
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Air Quality Specialist
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